• Having a break during a Heritage Walk in Athens

The school has been founded in 1975, as a department of DELTA PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL and after 1990 as a department of BRITISH HELLENIC COLLEGE. Today it operates in Athens and also in other cities in Greece as a branch  of the Life Long Training Center 4E EDUCATION AND TRAINING ( LLTC Level 1 with the code 201166884 ).

The name “Alexander the Great” has been given to commemorate the great spread of the Greek language, which followed the expedition of Alexander the Great up to India. Alexander the Great was the one to establish in Babylon the first organized school to teach Greek language and culture to non-Greeks, as stated by Plutarch.
Today we offer courses both face – to – face and ONLINE in:

1. Modern Greek

2. Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek seminars for Greeks

Ancient Greek summerschool in Athens

3. Special programs

4. Greek for specific purposes

5. Teacher Training

6. Other cultural programs

Our educational programs include visits to museum, dinning out with teachers and students, participation in presentations about Greek Culture and projection of Greek movies.
Since its first steps, the school has been involved in the development of educational material for the Greek language with books and educational software through the participation in many European Educational Programs.
The School has cooperated with the BRITISH – HELLENIC COLLEGE,  EURANEKALPHA PUBLICATIONS and  a lot of  EU  based  Universities.  Associations and  Greek  LanguageSchools in such projects in such projects.
Ten + 2 reasons to enroll in our school
  • Our eagerness to be creative.
  • Our experience (since 1972).
  • Our small in number classes.
  • The fact that we pay individual attention to our students.
  • Our fully equipped, organised and modern environment.
  • The variety of programmes offered.
  • The innovative series of books and other educational material we offer free to our students.
  • Our willingness to face up to the special needs of every student, by preparing special programmes.
  • The fact that we offer knowledge about Greek history, music, culture and not just about the Greek language.
  • The fact that we help our students live like Greeks.
  • The fact that we like what we do – both teaching and hospitality.
  • Our warm and honest smile as a result of the above.