Starting the lesson

Our everyday schedule usually starts at 09.30 am. On the first day of lessons every student is enrolled at the school’s reception. They are given a small guide tour of the School and the area around it. All students, apart from Beginners, need to write a small placement examination, so as to find out their actual level.

A Welcome file is given to all new students, which includes educational material (books, CD, grammar book and exercises), maps of the city, other information about transportation in the city, places to eat, information about exhibitions, theatres, concerts and also useful brochures for wonderful excursions to Greek islands and archaeological places of interest.

The lessons usually last from 9 am until 9 pm, depending on the groups that have been formed. Lessons are usually four hours long, with ten minute breaks in between, when the students can have a Greek coffee at the school canteen. The educational programme is not restricted in usual lessons. There are also projects, individual or in groups, presentations about music, literature, mythology, history, Greek films, museum visits and evening walks at the city for dinner. Students have the ability to study in the library and use the computers in the computer lab with the aid of their teachers.

An indicative two-week program in our School may include:

1st week Lesson Activities
Monday 09.30 – 10.20: Welcome – placement test
10.30 – 14.10: Lesson
Tuesday 09.30 – 13.10 13.30 – 14.15: Presentation
Wednesday 09.30 – 13.10
Thursday 09.30 – 13.10 13.30 – 15.00: Visit to museum
Friday 09.30 – 13.10 13.30: Greek Dance Lesson


2nd week Lesson Activities
Monday 09.30 – 13.10
Tuesday 09.30 – 13.10 13.30 – 16.00: Greek film & discussion
Wednesday 09.30 – 13.10
Thursday 09.30 – 13.10  20.00 – 23.00: Dinner at a traditional Greek restaurant
Friday 09.30 – 13.10 13.30: Greek Dance Lesson


At the same time, there are other activities, which can be provided with an additional charge and include:

  • Greek dancing lessons
  • lessons of Greek music (learning to play the “bouzouki” or another traditional instrument)
  • tour guides in Athens or other archaeological sites
  • trips to nearby places

On the Last Day

On the last day of the programme, students take their final examination, through which their knowledge and progress are examined. Based on this examination, they can receive a certificate of Attendance.
They also need to complete an evaluation form about the school.
Upon the completion of the studies, the School offers gifts, traditional sweets and books to the students.