Modern Greek Long Term 4-month Program (A1, A2,B1,B2,C2,C2)



The program includes:

–        4 months, 2 hours, twice per week (2 weeks break incl.)

–        Lessons start either at 18.00 or 19.50

–        70 hours of teaching

–        Free educational material (books)

–        Free welcome and farewell material

–        Free use of the Library

–        Free Internet Access


October 09, 2023 (until 16/02/2024) – Fall Semester

February 19, 2024 (until 28/06/2024) – Spring Semester


Evening courses: 540€ (instead of 760€)


Payment method (Fall Semester):

On your registration – 60€

Up to 06/10/2023 120€

4 more installments on 23/10, 16/11, 09/12, 15/01


Payment method (Fall Semester):

On your registration – 60€

Up to 16/02/2024 120€

4 more installments on 02/03, 30/03, 22/04, 20/05


  1. In case there is only one student in a group the prices remain the same but the hours are reduced by 50%
  2. Our academic hour is 50’
  3. Course registration is made at the central school ([email protected]). Residents in Greece may also register directly at the regional schools.
  4. *There is a minimum requirement of 4 and a maximum of 10 students per group.



As per separate fact sheet. It should be noted that at least 50% of the relative cost should be sent immediately after the booking.


If a student wants to cancel a course, one must do so in writing. One may cancel on the following conditions:            

  1. With a notice of one week before the date of discontinuation
  2. One is charged by the advance payment plus what corresponds to the lesson one has already had.


In case that a public holiday is in the middle of a course the missed teaching hours are scheduled in extension of the normal hours of the program.