Her review on our agency partner’s website:

“You will like it very much!”

I attended Greek language classes for two weeks in August 2023. I attended the A2 course. I had lessons with a wonderful young girl named Vasiliki, who is an excellent professor. I had also a wonderful experience in communication with the school director as well as other professors and Irini, who works as an office manager. If you love Greece and the Greek language, this school is a wonderful experience! I would love to come again next summer! I recommend everyone to try it. You will enjoy! You will like it very much!

Snezana| August 2023 – Athens

10/10!  Everything was fine! Thank you so much! A cultural calendar could be a good addition.

Miracle| August 2023 – Athens

10/10!  My second time here!

Thomas| August 2023 – Athens

The educational material was great! My teacher was wonderful and so was my dance teacher, they could not have been more helpful! Considering the activities, everything was really fun!

Her review on our agency partner’s website:

“My visit to the school was outstanding in education that was engaging and interactive.”

I had lessons with Kristiana, who was lively and always made learning feel relevant and engaging. I also thoroughly enjoyed the extra activities like dance and our museum visits which enabled me to learn more about Greek history and culture. There really wasn’t much to dislike.

Thaleia -16y old| August 2023 – Athens

Vey well balanced facilities, pretty good educational material and very nice teachers!

Alex| August 2023 – Athens


Erika| August 2023 – Athens

My second time in Athens school. 10/10! Just more dancing lessons!

Andreas| July 2023 – Athens

I am coming for a second time. I thought Zoe was fantastic and I had a great time at the dinner and the museum!

Eleni| July 2023 – Athens


Quinn/Emely| July 2023 – Athens


Roman| July 2023 – Athens

10/10! Everything was very good, thank you!

Coline| July 2023 – Athens

My teacher had a lot of patience and she was very kind. The educational material was great and the activities very well organized. I am very satisfied with the school in general, the personal working here and of course our great teacher, Nikolina!

Miryam| July 2023 – Athens

The tables are a bit small (then again I am very tall). The teacher was amazing. I LOVED dancing class the most. The museums were also great and Eleni is an excellent guide. I would definitely love to come back and do another course here. Thank you a lot!

Natalie-Alexia| July 2023 – Athens

It is my second time at school (my 8th week). My level is more than C2 and I am completely satisfied with the whole experience, 10/10.

Natalia|  July 2023 – Athens

School was very accommodating to change class to suit my level. I have enjoyed my week here!

Jemima|  June 2023 – Athens

11/10! Very good, I had already bought one of your books by chance. Vasiliki did a great job to exactly see and give us what we needed! We will come back! 🙂

Ava & Anina|  May 2023 – Athens


Duccio|  May 2023 – Athens

I was lucky to have an amazing teacher, which made me even more interested,dedicated and desired to study and practice. I hope I will be able to come back for another course this year. If not we will meet again at 2024 🙂 Thank you for this amazing experience!

Tal|  May 2023 – Athens

Zoi was great, nothing to improve in my opinion.It was great to have these wide-range activities to get an understanding how Greeks seee their own culture. Additionally to the official program, it would be helpful to have a “tandem” partner for 1-2 hours a week to speak more.

Ina|  May 2023 – Athens

Facilities were good, the educational material was good and Eleni, my teacher was excellent and enable me to make a great progress.

Maggie|  April 2023 – Athens

All was great and I learned a lot!

Charlotte|  April 2023 – Athens

I hugely enjoyed my lessons at school, It was a wonderful experience all around. THANK YOU!

Peter|  April 2023 – Athens

Absolutely perfect teacher, Zoi 🙂

Marion|  April 2023 – Athens

Audio CDs or books with solutions to work when we return home could be helpful! Thank you very much, we really enjoyed our lessons 🙂 10/10

Vera & Sven|  April 2023 – Athens

I was in general very satisfied with everything. I don’t have anything to suggest!

Simone|  March 2023 – Athens

The building is beautiful. The books and the method great. I recommend more songs and videos. Vasiliki, my teacher is very good!

Antonio|  March 2023 – Athens

Very good private teaching for learning the basics!

Rene|  March 2023 – Athens

10/10, everything was good!

Roman|  March 2023 – Athens

I am very happy!

Marie-Christine|  February 2023 – Athens

I am very satisfied. I learned a lot and I have lots of useful information.

Dominique|  February 2023 – Athens

I only recommend a little more listening exercises. Please continue the excellent work!

Mileid|  February 2023 – Athens

10/10! The welcome file was very helpful and my teacher, Zoe was very good. I will be back in June.

Tikva|  February 2023 – Athens

I was very satisfied with Eleni, my teacher. Everything was fine with the out of class activities.

Karin|  January 2023 – Athens

The material, the textbook is pretty good. My teacher, Zoe, was good in teaching philology. I like her attention to detail. The activities were good. Museum, dinner, lectures/presentations, film talk and dance. The classroom could be warmer.

Paul|  January 2023 – Athens


Sophie|  November 2022 – Athens

The teacher Zoe is very intelligent with teaching abilities of the highest degree. The activities were very nice, I liked the cretan restaurant we visited the most.

Noam|  November 2022 – Athens

Lessons by Zoe were perfect! The visit to the National Gallery with Eleni were very nice.

Emile|  November 2022 – Athens

The teachers were perfect. Especially Vasiliki, she was patient, friendly and did a great job.I enjoyed my stay.

Dominique|  November 2022 – Athens

I really appreciated Zoe’s lessons!

Renata|  October 2022 – Athens

Good facilities, great teachers, the activities are very fun. Thank you so much for a great two weeks!

Rachel|  September 2022 – Athens

I loved the museum visits and the dinner.

Eleni|  August 2022 – Athens

Everything was amazing and I have never been happier in my life.

Julia|  August 2022 – Athens

The best teacher in the world! It was an amazing experience!

Ada|  August 2022 – Athens

Excellent teachers, good facilities, enjoyable activities. The book is old and the method offers too much vocabulary.

Angel|  August 2022 – Athens

Vasiliki was the best teacher ever!

Andreas|  August 2022 – Athens

Very friendly, good enthusiastic teachers. The apartment was very nice but the area looks dangerous at night especially for women.

Felix|  July 2022 – Athens

We truly had the most amazing teacher! Vasiliki taught us so much and we had a great time in Athens thanks to her. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Wilhelm|  July 2022 – Athens

100/10 Enthusiastic about the course and the school!

Natalia|  July 2022 – Athens

I am happy and satisfied with all that you have offered us. Thank you!

Adrian|  July to September 2022 – Athens

I want to give credits to mrs Zoi, she is a uinique, once in a generation teacher, I would have never made it this far in such a short amount of time had she not been my teacher. Thank you!

Alessandro|  July to September 2022 – Athens

10/10! The facilities, the educational material, the teachers and the activities…they were all great!

Marie-Luise|  June 2022 – Athens

The museum visit was amazing. The commentaries for the film were very interesting & the discussion after. I think it was even better than last time!

Agnes|  June 2022 – Athens

Eleni was a very good teacher!Thank you so much!

Marie|  June 2022 – Athens

A highly qualifies & very friendly – helpful teacher. She had a motivation and devotion. 09/10!

Christoph|  June 2022 – Athens


Henrik|  June 2022 – Athens

The teacher did a very good job and she was very polite! 10/10

Petra|  May 2022 – Athens

The facilities are lovely! I have no suggestions of improvement as everything was very very good! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, the classes were excellent- I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The school is very friendly and gorgeous – with giving us books, lots of information, roll the lovely activities such as the museum with the fantastic guide. And even a gift of kumquat jam – very tasty!! I have already recommend this school to someone studying Greek & I will continue to recommend! Thank you so much! 10/10

Sarah|  May 2022 – Athens

I liked everything, 10/10!

Felix|  April 2022 – Athens


Chris|  April 2022 – Athens

Simply 10 out of 10!

Lizzie|  April 2022 – Athens

I really enjoyed the lessons and the teachers were very friendly and knowledgeable.

David|  April 2022 – Athens

I was in level B1 -B2 and I vote 10/10! A very good teacher and an easy book to learn.

Paola|  March 2022 – Athens

I was really satisfied with my stay and felt very welcome. I am grateful to Mr Kostas for his valuable tips and interesting presentations.

Tobias|  February 2022 – Athens

Everything was great, my teacher Zoe had a really deep knowledge in the Greek language, 10/10!

Elena|January 2022 – Athens

The educational material, the teachers and the activities were great!

Dana| December 2021 – Athens

Just 10/10!

Andrea| November 2021 – Athens

The teacher, Vasiliki was great and the guide Sotiris was amazing, very knowledgeable and engaged!

Elena| November 2021 – Athens

The concert with Sotiris & Giorgos was just AMAZING!

Miha| November 2021 – Athens

Just 9,5/10!

Jukka| October 2021 – Athens

Very good teachers and activities! 9-10 out of 10!

Hanna| October 2021 – Athens

Just 10 out of 10!

Christina| October 2021 – Athens

Everybody was very sympathetic!

Hans| October 2021 – Athens

II had been very satisfied to have attended the course. It was what I expected, and may be I will attend a second course in the next future!

Amedeo| September 2021 – Athens

It is my 3rd time in the school in Athens and everything was good!

Mathieu| August 2021 – Athens

I did have wonderfull time in Chania and Effi was/is simply amazing.

Sona| August 2021 – Chania

Nothing bad to remark. Everything was just perfect! 10/10

Simone| August 2021 – Athens


Gehan| August 2021 – Athens

I had the Crash-Course and my rating is 10/10. Everything was very good!

Mari| August 2021 – Athens

10/10, everything was very satisfactory: teacher, books,activities!

Zoey| August 2021 – Athens

Out of class activities were superb! The teaching material, the program and the teacher were very good.

Hana| August 2021 – Athens

Everything was great! 10/10

Juan – Luis| July 2021 – Athens

I really liked the educational material and my teacher was great!

Thalia| July 2021 – Athens

My arrival and my welcome file were very nice. My teacher was super and I really appreciated that I was always feeling free to ask any help from the school’s personnel!

Soeren| July 2021 – Athens

Thanks a bunch for everything. Specially to Mr Kostas . I intend to come again at the end of summer . I’ve had a great time at school and in Greece!

Nili| June 2021 – Athens

The activities were great!

Linda| October 2020 – Athens

There is nothing to criticize. I was very happy with our teacher, Manolis is such a good teacher, I have never had one like him! Also, the activities were always good and satisfactory. I really enjoyed my time here..thank you!

Nicolas| October 2020 – Athens

The highest rate!

Soeren| October 2020 – Athens

Thanks a lot! I would like to attend presentations about aspects of Ancient Greece.

Andreas| October 2020 – Athens

Thank you so much for everything, 10/10!

Claudia| October 2020 – Athens

Everything was perfect 10/10! Thanks to all!

Gunther | October 2020 – Athens

Everything was more than satisfactory! It was nice to have lessons in the park!

Gabriele | September 2020 – Athens

Very good welcome, very friendly teachers and teaching material! 9/10

Philippe | September 2020 – Athens

Very satisfactory course, very good teacher and very helpful staff!

Alexander (Greek origin)| August 2020 – Athens

The teaching material and the teacher were very good!

Susanne| August 2020 – Athens

I was really satisfied with the lessons and incredibly happy that I had the chance to attend the school  during Corona and finished my C1 course.

Mathieu | August 2020 – Athens

Everything was very good! 9,5/10

Thalia | July 2020 – Athens

Very good teachers !!! Highly recommended ! Would need more oral Practice.

Anat | February 2020 -Athens

No suggestion, it was great and I would highly recommend ! Thank you! 10 out of 10.

Arlina  | February 2020 -Athens

Everything good, just 10 out of 10.

Matthew February 2020 -Athens

Very good facilities, very good teachers, very good activities, 9.5 out of 10.

Tomas  | March 2020 -Athens

Everything was very good, 10 out of 10 .

Freyia | December to March 2020 -Athens

Very good and helpful teachers. Visits to museums, presentations and films were great. I would prefer a book with English explanations.

Graham | February 2020 – Athens

Excellent teacher, very good educational material and enough time for the oral speech. Very good facilities.

Marleen | January 2020 – Athens

I have already been 5-6 times at school and now I have reached C2 level, just 10/10.

David | December 2019 – Athens

Very nice activities, very helpful staff and teachers.

Alona | December 2019 – Athens

Helen, my teacher and Irini, on the reception were both excellent. The museum visits with Ms. Tragea and the Greek dance lessons were incredible. The toilets were very clean.

Talina | November 2019 – Athens

Very friendly and helpful teachers and staff. I also like the teaching material.

Frederike | November 2019 – Athens

Very good teacher, very good facilities, very good activities!

Jennifer | November 2019 – Athens

Very good facilities and activities. My teachers Nancy and Nikolina were excellent!

Robert | November 2019 – Athens

I liked Eleni, my teacher a lot. She knew how to make the learning of Greek, easy.

Geili | October 2019 – Athens

I think that the structure was perfect and there was anything that you may need. The books were very useful and the phrase book really helpful. My teacher Nancy was excellent.

Giovanni | October 2019 – Athens

A very competent principal and teachers!

The atmosphere in both the school and the classroom is very good, I felt very comfortable. All the staff are attentive to students. The proposed activities are adequate and well organized.

Caroline | October 2019 – Chania

Perfect, flexible, friendly. Thank you!

Christopher | September 2019 – Athens

Nikolina was an excellent teacher and she really help me a lot. I hope to see her again next year,

Marie | September 2019 – Athens

Everything is good. I will try to come again!

Valeria | August 2019 – Athens

Thank you for everything. I had a really good time and I learned a lot. Thank you Αρχοντούλα, you are great!

Mandy| August 2019 – Thessaloniki

I liked a lot the further activities the school offered. I would like even more Greek Dance!

Phillip | August 2019 – Athens

Just 10/10

Matteo| August 2019 – Thessaloniki

Everything perfect!

Elena | August 2019 – Athens

Αρχοντούλα, my teacher, was amazing and I am super happy about classes and what we’ ve done!

Luca | August 2019 – Thessaloniki

Sorry, I have no suggestions. I thought your program was excellent. I benefited greatly even sometimes I found things difficult.

David | August 2019 – Athens

Everything was very good.

Giacomo | August 2019 – Athens

Αρχοντούλα, my teacher, was very nice, kind and helpful. She is a good teacher and I will miss her a lot!

Sofia | August 2019 – Thessaloniki

Just 10/10

Katarina | August 2019 – Athens

Best teacher I’ ve ever had!

Luke | August 2019 – Athens

All is well that ends well!

Alain | August 2019 – Thessaloniki

Perfect 10/10!

Sabine | August 2019 – Athens

Very nice school! Very good and educated staff who does everything they can to help you in any way they can. I am definitely going back there.

– Sos | 05.09.2019

I wanted to thank you all for the great quality of your teaching and the warm and friendly welcome you’ve given me in Athens. I have spent two fantastic weeks in your company. My language teachers, the administrative staff, the director and the dance teacher were really nice, energetic, helpful and kind. Thank you all again and I hope to see you next year! Take care!!

– Emmanuel | 13.07.2019

I really enjoyed my time in the school and I believe, I learnt a lot. It was great to practice, while staying in the country. The materials were very helpful.

Ayesha | July 2019 – Thessaloniki

My teacher, Alexandra, is perfect!

– Theophile | 24.06.2019

Honestly, I am so happy with the school! Dimitra was an amazing teacher. Very friendly and patient with us.

– Dimitra | 14.06.2019

My teacher was excellent! Thank you very much, I hope to see you again soon. Love and respect.

– Katerina | 22.05.2019

Eleni (my teacher) was friendly and polite. Visiting the museum and dancing were very nice activities. Thank you for the organisation!

– Hellena | 12.04.2019

The welcome on the first day was very nice. The dancing lessons were excellent!

– Tanja | 05.04.2019

I felt really welcome! I learned a lot thanks to my teacher and the other people at the school. Dinner was really nice! Dancing lesson was also good. Thank you!

– Maud | 22.01.2019

The dancing lesson was exceptional. Thank you!

Julia | 11.01.2019

The facilities are good and the school is in a great location. Eleni (my teacher) was awesome. So so nice and friendly when we arrived. Dancing class was very fun!

Julia | 21.12.2018

It was very easy for me to fill in the evaluation questionnaire. I give you “best” out of 10.

Gisela | 16.11.2018

The welcome and the welcome file were very helpful, the information about Greek culture very good.

Sandra | 16.11.2018

Everything was fine – the welcome, the books, the facilities, the program, the teachers, the assistance. I am fully satisfied. 10.10

Shinichiro | 16.11.2018

Thank you very much for giving an excellent Greek experience! Thank you for introducing the culture, the language and the beauty of Greece!

Anat |  16.11.2018

Our introduction to Greek has been fascinating. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I hope to be back soon to continue learning.

Ishneet | 29.09.2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my days in the school I have been made to feel very welcome and have found to school to have a very friendly , empowering and  positive environment. Sofia has been extremely patient with me! I believe my knowledge of the Greek language has improved considerably and I would definitely recommend the school to Athens who might be considering learning Greek in Athens.

Ash | 27.07.2018

I enjoyed the time I spent at the school! The personnel was very helpful and welcoming and I really believe that my Greek has improved significantly. Thank you very much!

– Jessica | 12.01.2018

The teachers were very good!

Sabine & Klaus | 11.01.2018

The dance lesson was very good!

– Walter | 22.12.2017

Very friendly staff!

– May | 06.12.2017

Thank you for the introduction to the rhythm of Greek songs!

– Hans-Joachim | 17.11.2017

The program was excellent!

Guillermo | 10.11.2017

Absolutely perfect!

Maria Joao | 10.11.2017

The extracurricular activities have an educational value!

Jan | 10.11.2017

The teaching staff was very friendly and accommodating!

Michael | 03.11.2017

Very good teachers!

Gabriele | 03.11.2017

Everything was perfect!

Gunter | 27.10.2017

The listening was really good, keep them!

Natalie | 27.10.2017

The facilities are greatly improved! Excellent presentation of grammar and excellent explanation of connotations! Great tour of the Benaki and superb dinner! I appreciate the very helpful staff.

Andy | 13.10.2017

Excellent efforts, very helpful, maximum attention to learners’ needs & requests. bravo! Very happy, teleia! Wish you every luck in your new building!

Petr | 13.10.2017

The teachers are excellent!

Ruth | 13.10.2017

I really liked going out to the taverna!

Carina | 13.10.2017

We recently moved to a new building, so everything was good!

Stefan | 13.10.2017

The program was in general satisfactory!

Lars | 20.10.2017

Nice new building!

Neil | 13.10.2017

The educational material was great, no complains!

Torsten | 06.10.2017

I thank Effie for her suggestions and help and Penelope for her teaching!

Myriam | 15.09.2017

Thanks very much!

Sebastian | 15.09.2017

Everything was great!

Muguette | 12.09.2017

I enjoyed my time here!

Maggie | 13.09.2017

Everything was perfect. I had a great time here. The course was really helpful and effective!

Can | 01.09.2017

I liked that we went out for dinner all together!

Anna | 25.08.2017

I thank everybody!

Anna| 18.08.2017

The apartment that the school booked for me was very satisfactory!

Isabel | 28.07.2017

Thank you for having Anna  and me as your students!

Franziska & Anna | 11.08.2017

Everything was perfect! 10/10 !

Jacqueline | 11.08.2017

Sophia’s excitement and energy is amazing!

Anastasia | 21.07.2017

Very welcoming, friendly and accommodating staff! I loved my week of study here!

Derek | 21.07.2017

The teachers were excellent!

Franz | 21.07.2017

Everything was excellent! 10/10 !

Marco | 14.07.2017

I enjoyed everything! I am very satisfied! Thank you everybody!!

Magali | 11.07.2017

Everything was perfect! Teachers are very professional & I will recommend the school to my students!

Martin | 16.06.2017

I was very satisfied with the time devoted to the oral practice!

 Jacques | 26.05.2017

I was 100% satisfied with everything!

Fernando | 26.05.2017

Mr. Karkanias I would like to thank you and all of your colleagues, especially Effie, Penelope and Eva for your efforts to teach us Greek. We really appreciated your efforts!

Zuhal, Zeynep and Harika | 17.05.2017

The lesson with Helen was perfect!
Stefanie | 12.05.2017

The educational material was satisfying for my level!
Concepcion | 12.05.2017

The teachers were very friendly!
Irene | 12.05.2017

The programme was very satisfying!
Yana | 12.05.2017

This course was a great investment!
Sarah-Maria | 12.05.2017

The teachers were perfect!!!
Blago | 12.05.2017

The welcoming on the first day was wonderful!
Nadine | 05.05.2017

I spent three wonderful months at the school!
Diana | 24.03.2017

The teachers were very good!
Andreas | 17.03.2017

I liked very much the school! The lessons helped me a lot and my understanding of Greek has improved very much!!
Isabelle | 17.03.2017

I liked it very much! It was above my expectations!
Carolina | 03.03.2017

The teachers were perfect!
Natividad | 24.02.2017

We learnt a lot of Grammar, which is helpful!
Juan | 17.02.2017

Thank you very much!
Emmanuelle | 17.02.2017

It was very nice! Helen was a very good teacher! She explains everything, she is friendly and serious with the teaching! Thank you very much!
Reto | 03.02.2017

It was perfect! We should go twice per week at the tavern!!!
Tulum | 03.02.2017

The time we spent on speaking helped me a lot to speak like a Greek!
Tas | 27.01.2017

Everything was perfect!
Nicholas | 27.01.2017

Thank you very much!

Theona | 27.01.2017

Everything was wonderful! Especially the dinner at the tavern!
Alexandros | 30.12.2016

I was satisfied with everything! The entire programme was very good!
Hans | 16.12.2016

I had very good lessons with Penelope as teacher! They helped me, especially in improving the speaking and listening, which I wanted primarily. Thanks to her.
Andreas | 2.12.2016

Each of you are on my list of people I am grateful that I have met, and spent time with on our mutual journies to better learn and share the Greek language.  You have each enriched my life, and I am grateful for the experience.
Barbara | 25.11.2016

 The teachers could not be any better! I am very satisfied!
  – Zaki | 25.11.2016

The overall program was very satisfying
Janos | 5.11.2016

 The school facilities are wonderful!
Ben | 27.10.2016

The extracurricular activities were very satisfactory!
Jacqueline | 14.10.2016

I will certainly try to come back!
Eva-Maria | 30.09.2016

Thank you for everything!
 Isin | 16.09.2016

 Very good teachers and very useful the oral practice for practical  solutions!
 – Marc | 26.08.2016

Thank you for everything!
Andrea | 26.08.2016

Perfect teachers and wonderful teaching method!
Vladyslav | 19.08.2016

I am very happy! Too bad I’m leaving.
– Francisca | 13.08.2016