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Proud of our students – poets from all over the world in our school in 2023

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What common has Natalia from Chile, Miracle from Catalan, Francisco from Italy and the two friends Elisabeth from the U.S.A. & Safaa from Egypt? They are all worldwide poets and they were all students in our Greek language and culture school in Athens within 2023.

In the bustling city of Athens, our Greek language and culture school has become a hub for students from diverse backgrounds. Among them, we are proud to have nurtured the talents of Natalia from Chile, Miracle from Catalan, Francisco from Italy, and the dynamic duo of Elisabeth from the U.S.A. and Safaa from Egypt. These remarkable individuals had decided to embrace the Greek language and culture

Natalia from Chile: Natalia Figueroa, a renowned and highly active Chilean poet, has immersed herself in the study of ancient Greek language and culture. She has attended a 5-month-long ancient Greek course with the specific goal of translating ancient Greek poets. Natalia holds a PhD from UNAM and her poetry primarily focuses on feminism. Having already published two poetry books and translated the works of Greek poets Sahtouri and Ritsos, Natalia’s dedication to her craft is evident. It is worth mentioning that she is already proficient in Modern Greek, which further enhances her ability to delve into the nuances of ancient Greek poetry. Natalia’s passion for feminism is reflected in her poetic works, as she explores and highlights the experiences and perspectives of women. Her expertise in both Greek language and feminist themes allows her to bring a unique perspective to her translations and original poetry. Overall, Natalia Figueroa’s extensive knowledge of Greek language and culture make her a prominent figure in the world of poetry. Her ability to bridge the gap between ancient and Modern Greek poetry showcases her talent and commitment to her craft.

Miracle from Spain: Miracle Sala, a talented poet from Spain who writes in Catalan, discovered the power of words during her time at our school. Immersed in the Greek language and culture, she found inspiration in the works of Greek poets. Miracle’s poetry reflects his deep appreciation for the beauty of language and her desire to explore universal themes. Her special language choice has captivated audiences worldwide, earning her recognition as a rising star in the global poetry scene.

 Francisco from Italy: Francisco Cordoba, a renowned poet and sculptor from Costa Rica, has joined our multicultural school in Italy to enhance his knowledge of the Greek language. Despite already being fluent in four other languages, Francisco recognized the importance of Greek in his artistic pursuits and decided to register at our school. His passion for language and culture is evident in his participation at the inaugural ceremony of the international OLYMPIC’ARTS exhibition held at Zappeion. Francisco’s presence and contribution to the event showcased his dedication to promoting art and cultural exchange on a global scale. For those interested in learning more about Francisco Cordoba and his artistic endeavors, detailed information can be found on his website, His website offers a comprehensive insight into his work as a poet and sculptor, providing a deeper understanding of his artistic vision and creative process. We are delighted to have Francisco as part of our multicultural school community, where his diverse linguistic abilities and artistic talents contribute to the vibrant and inclusive learning environment we strive to create.

Safaa from Egypt: Safaa Fathy, an accomplished Egyptian poet, documentary filmmaker, playwright, and essayist, captivates audiences with her profound insights and artistic prowess. Having studied in prestigious institutions such as Paris and Berlin, Fathy has gained international recognition for her exceptional work. Notably, her documentary “Derrida’s Elsewhere” delves into the life and philosophical concepts of the renowned philosopher Jacques Derrida. Fathy’s presence at our school enriched our community, offering unique perspectives on the intersection of language, culture, and art.

Elizabeth from U.S.A: Elizabeth Willis, a highly acclaimed American poet and literary critic, has also graced our school with her presence. With an extensive educational background that spans across California and Marseille, Willis brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her role as a Professor of Poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Known for her innovative use of “hybrid genres” and her exploration of the boundaries of representation, Willis’s work is characterized by intense lyricism and a focus on the relationship between art and nature. Her participation in our Greek language and culture lessons added depth and inspiration to our learning environment.

These two poets – good friends, have attended our Greek language and culture lessons in May, 2023.

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