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Our courses: 4 Generations’ class (Tachymatheia)

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Last week, our director, Mr Karkanias, faced the challenge of teaching Greek to Rebekka’s family, a group with a significant age gap ranging from a 7-year-old child to a grandmother in her 70s. Our innovative Tachymatheia method proved to be the key to successfully educating all the students. Below, you will read about his experience.

“A teaching and learning FIRST

It was a provoking opportunity for us, when our student Rebecca, after finishing her Ancient Greek course , asked us to give an introductory lesson of Modern Greek to all her family.

I had in front of me four generations for almost two hours.

Her grandmother, her mother, her husband , her 7 years son, all of them with no previous knowledge of Greek.

I used our well tested method TACHYMATHEIA  (learn quickly) , starting with:

  • Do not be afraid with the Greek alphabet as the Latin is just a version of the Greek, giving them the historical background

and continuing with the 9+6 German of Greek origin words , that contain all the letters of the Greek Alphabet, the first of them being  :

  • AKROBAT, that is used by all the European and some other languages (from Japanese to Zulu)

We ended by reading and singing a Greek song :


I am sure that after a while, with a bit of practice at home, they will be able to  read and write Greek .

It was an experience for all of us.

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