You are currently viewing Proud of our students – Safaa and Elisabeth the worldwide famous poets from Egypt and U.S.A.

Proud of our students – Safaa and Elisabeth the worldwide famous poets from Egypt and U.S.A.

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In May 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting two distinguished individuals, Safaa Fathy and Elizabeth Willis, who are renowned poets, filmmakers, and scholars with impressive educational backgrounds spanning across the globe.

Safaa Fathy: Safaa Fathy, an accomplished Egyptian poet, documentary filmmaker, playwright, and essayist, captivates audiences with her profound insights and artistic prowess. Having studied in prestigious institutions such as Paris and Berlin, Fathy has gained international recognition for her exceptional work. Notably, her documentary “Derrida’s Elsewhere” delves into the life and philosophical concepts of the renowned philosopher Jacques Derrida. Fathy’s presence at our school enriched our community, offering unique perspectives on the intersection of language, culture, and art.

Elizabeth Willis: Elizabeth Willis, a highly acclaimed American poet and literary critic, has also graced our school with her presence. With an extensive educational background that spans across California and Marseille, Willis brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her role as a Professor of Poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Known for her innovative use of “hybrid genres” and her exploration of the boundaries of representation, Willis’s work is characterized by intense lyricism and a focus on the relationship between art and nature. Her participation in our Greek language and culture lessons added depth and inspiration to our learning environment.

 The presence of Safaa Fathy and Elizabeth Willis, two remarkable poets and intellectuals, at our Greek language and culture school in Athens was a true honor. Their diverse backgrounds, global experiences, and exceptional contributions to the world of literature and art enriched our community and provided a unique perspective on the Greek language and culture. We are grateful for the opportunity to have hosted these esteemed individuals and look forward to continuing our mission of promoting Greek language and culture to a global audience.

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