Modern Greek Evening Program (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)


The program includes:

  • 10 weeks, 2 hours twice per week
  • 40 hours of teaching
  • Free educational material (books)
  • Free welcome and farewell material
  • Free use of the Library
  • Free Internet Access


Feb. 14

May. 02

Jul. 18

Sept. 26

Dec. 12


Evening courses: 400


  1. All the above prices include the educational material and all out of the classroom activities
  2. A 10% advance payment should be made not later than 2 weeks of the booking. The rest may be arranged in up to three installments
  3. In case there is only one student in a group the prices remain the same but the hours are reduced by 50%
  4. Our academic hour is 50’
  5. Course registration is made at the central school ([email protected]). Residents in Greece may also register directly at the regional schools.


As per separate fact sheet. It should be noted that at least 50% of the relative cost should be sent immediately after the booking.



If a student wants to cancel a course, one must do so in writing. One may cancel on the following conditions:            

  1. With a notice of one week before the date of discontinuation
  2. One is charged by the advance payment plus what corresponds to the lesson one has already had.


  • We cannot support students who need a VISA we can only give them relative information and advice.


Jan. 1, New Year’s

Jan. 6, Epiphany day 

Mar. 07, Orthodox Ash Monday                   

March 25, Independence Day

April 22, Orthodox Good Friday

April 25, Easter Monday

May 01, Labor day  

June 13, Monday of the Holy Spirit

Aug. 15, Assumption Day (Dormition of Theotokos)

Oct. 28, Ochi day

Dec. 26, Boxing day


In case that a public holiday is in the middle of a course the missed teaching hours are scheduled in extension of the normal hours of the program.