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Who are our students: students from 40 different countries during 2023

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At Alexander school, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive community, where students from various backgrounds come together to learn, grows, and thrives. In the year 2023, our school welcomed students from an impressive 40 different countries, creating a truly global learning environment. To be precise, we had students from: Egypt, Australia, Austria, Afghanistan, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Ghana, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, United kingdom, Iran, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Italy, Kenya, China, Congo, Korea, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Mexico, Bangladesh, Norway, Netherlands, Persia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Syria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Chile. Again, this year, the majority of our students have come from Germany.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, students at this school are exposed to various aspects of Greek culture, including language, history, literature, art, music, and cuisine. By immersing students in the Greek language and culture, our multicultural school promotes cross-cultural understanding, respect, and appreciation. It provides a platform for students to develop a global perspective and become well-rounded individuals who can thrive in an increasingly interconnected world while offering  a unique educational experience that celebrates the richness of Greek language and culture.

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