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The last two weeks have been amazing at our school. Here is what our students wrote for us:

“During my stay in Athens and during the course of Greek language that I took in the school “Alexander the Great” we visited the Benaki Museum and we went for dinner to a typical Greek taverna. The Museum was very interesting because it covered the Greek history from ancient times until the independency. Besides ancient findings, It shows typical clothes  from various centuries and different areas of Greece. The visit of the museum was very helpful to get  insights into the Greek history and culture. The second excursion involved a diner at a typical Athenian restaurant and I enjoyed the evening very much. We shared some plates of typical Greek food and the atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice. On the way there Maria, the teacher, showed us some interesting placed and she also suggested some bars where we could have a drink.  The evening was very nice and I enjoyed the company of Maria and the other students a lot. I also loved my stay in the school!

Barbara, from Italy





Meine Zeit in Athen habe ich dehr genossen. Die Schule war zwar streng aber mit viel Humor gespickt. An einem Abend sind wir Schűler mit unserer Lehrerin Maria im Stadtteil Psiri essen gegangen. Das war ein sehr hustiger und geműntlicher Abend. Es gab viele verschiedene Kleinigkeiten die wir versuchen konnten. Auf dem Heimweg zeigte und Maria noch einige Plätze, die wir mal aufsuchen könnten.Alles in Allem ein lustiger Abend. Viel gegessen und viel gelacht. Svhade, dass meine Zeit schon um ist.

Miria, from Switzerland


It was a wonderful evening with the friends from the school in the Greek tavern. The atmosphere was like a Fava and Feta eating the pop music mixed up with Retsina. Later we could relax from the thousand of mezedes (which were meant to open the apetite) with the help of real Athens nightlife and the view on the Acropolis.

Elizabeth, from Germany



Χτες (7.4.2015) περάσαμε με τη Μαρία το βράδυ σε κάποια στέκια κοντά στο Μοναστηράκι. Πρώτα πήγαμε σε ένα μεζοδοπωλείο με υπέροχα παραδοσιακά φαγητά, μετά μας οδήγησε η καθηγήτριά μας σε δύο μπαρ, το δεύτερο με θαυμάσια θέα από την ταράτσα. Ήταν μία ωραία ματιά στην νυχτερινή ζωή της Αθήνας, πέρα από τα συνηθισμένα μονοπάτια τουριστών. Ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ!

Wolfgang, from Germany

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