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A live concert in our school

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There was a live concert of 12 Folk Songs in our school in Athens, last week. After a small theoretical presentation about the Greek music, our students had the opportunity to see Sotiris (on guitar) and Giorgos (on Bouzouki) to sing Contemporary Greek Music. Of course, a flyer with all the lyrics of the songs, managed to enhance their music experience while helping the educational purposes of learning the Greek Language.

What’s better of learning while singing?

Below you will find the impression – review of our trainee Turkish colleague:

“The Music Event was a very interesting and memorable experience.

As an intern, who never came to Greece before, you are curious about the language, the people, the food and of course the culture.

And on my first day of work, I already gained insight into a whole new area.

The two musicians not only played the greek folksongs, but also explained one by one what they were about.

Out of their countenance you could easily tell, that both turned their passion into their job.

Within two hours, we listened to twelve different traditional greek folksongs and their histories behind.

I am very thankful for having this opportunity to be here and to meet new people and different cultures.”

See here a part of it

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