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A Birthday Party in our yard!

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The sunny and warm weather in combination with our partner – philologist birthday, Eleni, was the occasion to organize a small party in our school’s yard. A chocolate cake, some desserts- treats, the typical “Na zisis Eleni kai hronia polla” (The Greek version of Happy birthday to you), and of course our students smiles, were more than enough to make the perfect closure for previous week.

 Α small lesson with some “birthday words – phrases”:

Χρόνια Πολλά! =  Happy Birthday!

Ο,τι επιθυμείς να έχεις! = Any wish come true!

Τούρτα (γενεθλίων) = (Birthday) Cake

Πάρτι / Γιορτή Γενεθλίων = Birthday Party /Ceremony

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