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200 years since the Revolution

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Last week our principal presented to our new students a brief history of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and in addition spoke to them about:

  • The basic words or phrases they hear these days, from their Greek friends, such as 400 years of slavery, Patriarchate, Philhellenes, Proclamation of the Revolution, Exodus of Messolonghi, etc.
  • The street signs, squares and statutes that exist in Athens and are reminiscent of the Revolution.
  • The Philhellenes who came from the countries of the students (Germany, Switzerland, France, Finland, Russia).

   Many of the students knew about the Philhellenes from their countries, such as Ludwig, King of Bavaria, and Adolf Sass from Finland, and a discussion about them ensued.

   There was a special discussion about the fact that Ludwig  was also a poet and had written several poems about the Greek Revolution and especially about Messolonghi and the Exodus of Messolonghi. It was also reported that Adolf Sas died in Messolonghi and there is a monument for him in the Garden of Heroes .

   Special mention was made of the monuments that exist in the Garden of Heroes in Messolonghi, the Sacred City of Greece for specific Philhellenes or in general for the Philhellenes from specific countries.

Photo of Ludwig  and a monument about Sas

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