Lavrentis Mahairitsas has died, age 63

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L.M was born in Volos (5th of November 1956). Ever since he was a boy he was deeply influenced by the British band the Beatles. He stops going to school at a rather young age (high school). He starts working in various positions: as a valet , a waiter, an employee etc. In 1976 he participated in the creation of the P.J.J.Band (Paul, Laury, Jimmy) that  later changed its name to Termites, name which refers to the legendary Beatles. He started his solo career in 1989. He has cooperated with many important artists both in Greece and abroad. Lavrentis Mahairitsas has a 25 year old daughter and rumour has it that ‘’Matia dixos logiki” has been written for and dedicated to her. He died of a heart failure in Volos on September 9, 2019.

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