Birthday with friends

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Birthdays -just like all days- are better spent with friends! And it is better to spend our birthday with people we love and that make us feel beautiful.
Such people are our students and, we want to believe, that we too are like this for them. For this reason, we always celebrate our students’ and staff’s birthday all together.
Soile and Jukka’s birthday was not an exception! Yesterday , both of our students from Finland had their birthday. We celebrated with a big cake and two candles: a white one for Jukka and a pink one for Soile! They were both super excited about the birthday party we organized for them.
We sang all together (with our students of all levels and our educational and administrative staff) “Happy Birthday” in Greek and after that we had a small party.
We wish Soile and Jukka, from the bottom of our hearts, to always be healthy, and live their every day with love, laughter and happiness!
You may watch the birthday video here:

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