You are currently viewing Cretan dances lessons in our School in Chania

Cretan dances lessons in our School in Chania

The Hellenic language school “Alexander the great” is not only about language learning and many hours of grammar and homework. It’s also about having fan and learning about the culture. And one of the most important parts of the Cretan culture is dancing.
So here we proudly present out students in action. They have learnt how to dance syrtos, the most famous Cretan dance, danced by all ages, from 3 to 103.
Every week we will offer one hour of Cretan dances lessons and the goal is to attend a Cretan night every two weeks to put our students to the test and show everyone that they can not only speak the language but dance the traditional dances of Crete equally well.
Stay tuned for more photos and videos.
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