Aim – Method of teaching

The program of the Greek Language School “Alexander the Great” is based on the communicative approach of teaching a language. “To communicate” is to be able to use the language as a tool for inter-personal communication in a particular social environment, which is defined by relevant situations, the topic, the roles of the interlocutors etc.
The lingual ability is therefore considered as a “skill” and not as “knowledge”, and, in that sense, the student must be equipped with the appropriate strategies to learn and use the language. Our aim is to help each student become autonomous and be able to deal with different lingual circumstances in everyday life. This is achieved without pushing aside the teaching of grammar, but in a balanced combination with real, authentic communicational conditions and the required strategies of understanding and producing speech. This is also the main target of the educational process.
Our educational program has been designed in such a way, so as to develop all four language skills, reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. The books that are used are supported by visual and listening material, through which everyday lingual phenomena are approached. At the same time, both written and oral language exercises give the ability to our students to practice and consolidate the taught material.

The Teachers

All our teachers have a University degree. They are native speakers of the Greek language and they have either completed a Postgraduate course or they have a lot of experience in teaching Greek as a foreign language. Apart from their excellent abilities and knowledge, they are enthusiastic and always smiling, so as to make the students feel like at home.

Types of Courses

General Greek The main aim is the teaching of vocabulary and the grammatical and syntactical phenomena of the Greek language according to each level. What is also very important is the familiarization of the student with everyday communicative circumstances and the adequate use of language in a variety of contexts. Finally, another important thing is the contact with the Greek way of thinking and Greek culture in general.
Business Greek
Scientific Greek
The main aim of this course is to improve the knowledge of General Greek, combined with specific vocabulary and expressions in various business and scientific fields.This course is made for those who want to work in relevant fields. Emphasis is given on business circumstances (specific vocabulary for computers, making a CV, financial terms etc), as well as on various scientific fields (maths, chemistry, computer science, physics etc).

The educational material has been developed by our School and it includes a book and educational software (multimedia cd). It is supplemented by newspapers, magazines and films. In this course students with an at least average knowledge of Greek can be accepted, which will be ascertained after a placement test.

Ancient Greek A course designed especially for those who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of the language, in which the works of Plato, Aristoteles, Homer and Euripedes were written.Lessons of Ancient Greek offer the ability to understand classical texts, while, at the same time, help in understanding the deeper structure of Modern Greek.
Seminars Teacher Training A course designed for teachers of Modern or Ancient Greek in various schools or Universities, in Greece or abroad. The main aim is to improve their Greek, to study news methods of teaching and get informed about any new teaching material available.The teachers who participate will have the opportunity to have a personal knowledge of Greek reality, which is necessary to teach Greek correctly in their countries.
Culture Course (Literature – History – Language) This is a set of courses which combines the teaching of Greek language with literature (evolution through time, basic periods and representative texts), Greek history (periods, basic characteristics and facts-according to students’ preferences) and the history of Greek language.This course can include some really basic elements of all three areas, but it is possible as well to focus exclusively on one of them. It has been made for advanced learners of Greek.
Education and Travel These courses are ideal for foreign students who are trained on topics related, directly or not, to Greek civilization (archaeology, language, literature, arts) and for any kind of group that wishes to combine learning Ancient or Modern Greek with daily or many-day excursions to places of their interest.The School can deal with the planning of these excursions and is able to organize a multitude of courses like these, for example, one or two-week course and three-day excursion to Delphi and Mycenae, two-week course and two daily trips to cape Sounion, the island of Egina and the Argo-saronic gulf etc.

The duration of these courses varies and it is possible to organize special groups with a special offer-price, according to the time, the number of participants and the places they wish to visit.