This seminar is addressed to philologists or teachers of Greek language, regardless of their first grade, who are interested in teaching Greek as a foreign language.

The program includes the following:

a. Teaching to adults

b. Teaching of a Foreign language with emphasis on Greek

c. Course layout

d. Oral understanding and production

e. Written understanding and production

f. Language and Culture

g. A modern book series

The duration of the seminar is: 20 hours (10 lessons of 2 hours each) in 2 weeks

At the end of the program a relevant certificate is provided provided that the participant:

  1. Has attended all classes
  2. Has delivered two assignments
  3. Has completed at least 20 hours of practice


This program is offered twice a year with starting dates:

  • 3 July
  • 31 July

It is possible to organize relative programs at other starting dates for groups of students.

This program can also be offered any time throughout the year on an individual basis.