Reading Greek newspaper

Perhaps there is not a better way to practice your Greek and get into the current Greek reality than reading Greek newspapers.

This is a two week supplementary course of 15 hours (1,5 hour per day) along with the normal Greek language lessons.

Minimum entry level: B1.

The course is taught in Greek but explanations and additional information may be given in English.

Introduction to Ancient theatre

There is nobody in the world that does not know that one of the most important Greek cultural “inventions” has been the theatre. Ancient Greek tragedies and comedies are considered the basis of the modern theatre and important ingredient of the European culture.

This program is taught in Greek with supplementary explanations in English if required.

This is why participants should have B1 level at least.

The duration of the course is 15 hours during 2 weeks and it includes a ticket at one of ancient Greek plays in Epidaurus.

Starting date: 3 July 2017


Introduction to Byzantine music

This is a 2 weeks long introductory course which is offered in collaboration with the well known TETTIX SCHOOL OF BYZANTINE MUSIC in Plaka, Athens.

The course has a duration of 15 hours and it is offered as a supplementary program for students who follow Greek lessons in our school. It is taught in Greek but some explanations in English are given as required. Students should have at least B1 level.