Business Greek (level B1 – B2)

In general

Knowing the Greek language for specific-professional reasons is imperative to all
foreigners intending to work in Greek businesses, either in Greece or abroad. Their integration in Greek society and the job market and the achievement of basic language structures and specific terminology were the main reasons“Business Greek” was created. It should also be noted that the Greek Language Center has established specific exams for Business Greek.

“Business Greek” is aimed at students of an intermediate level (B1 – B2) and it develops their language skills in various contexts, such as a visit to a bank and various transactions, the office environment and e-commerce, making exchange and reading financial newspapers etc. The book’s main priority is to provide students with an extensive list of specific, business-related communication situations, focusing especially on the necessary vocabulary and the required grammatical and syntactical structures that constitute these situations.

“Business Greek” was part of the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci (L/2003/B/F/LA-148105) and was developed by a team of Educational Organisations (ELBEA Ltd-Bulgaria, the University of Iasi-Romania, EKEA Ltd-Bulgaria, the University of Murcia-Spain, ELEA Ltd) with the coordination of the European Educational and Development Association.

Description of the book

“Business Greek” is aimed at students of an intermediate level (B1 – B2)
and at foreign employees of Greek businesses in Greece and abroad. The book consists of 24 units, as presented in the list below:

  1. Exchange
  2. Leadership–Management–Ranking
  3. Negotiations
  4. Imports-Exports
  5. Review
  6. Solving work problems
  7. E-commerce
  8. Stock market
  9. Formal letters
  10. Review
  11. Phone conversations
  12. Communication-Computer skills
  1. Professional meeting–Board
  2. Hiring-Advertisements-CVs
  3. Review
  4. Insurance
  5. Businessman profile-Company Record
  6. Bank-Exchange
  7. Financial newspapers
  8. Review
  9. Business trips
  10. Advertising-Marketing
  11. Presentations-Graphics
  12. Review

Every fifth unit contains a review of the vocabulary and the grammatical-syntactical phenomena that have been already taught.
The structure of each unit is identical and is divided in two parts. Each part includes:

  • a text (usually a dialogue based on actual work-related communication situations)
  • vocabulary (terminology and a more general vocabulary with a grammatical reference of each word, its declension and, if it is a verb, the way it forms the rest of the tenses)
  • comprehension and vocabulary exercises
  • grammatical theory and exercises
  • word games (crossword puzzle, hangman, puzzle)

This educational material is available in printed form, multimedia cd, as well as on the internet. It also needs to be noted that a translation of the vocabulary and the instructions to the exercises of the multimedia cd is available inSpanish, Romanian and Bulgarian.

Educational Material