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During the past 50 years of our operation we have understood the importance of providing our students with information about Greece , Greek history, music, diet, dances, the language etc.

So we developed a series of presentations and activities that are offered after the normal teaching hours. Initially we have named them “extra curricular activities” but we have soon realized that they were an important part of the curriculum and we changed the title to “out of class activities” as they happen out of the normal class hours and lot of times out of the school.

Nowadays they belong to  the following groups :

  • Presentations about Greek Cultural topics, like history, music, dances, diet, religion etc.
  • Seeing and speaking about Greek films
  • Visiting Museums and Galleries
  • Learning Greek Popular Dances
  • Eating out like Greeks

The list of the topics is always open and new items are added to meet with the interests of the students and the lecturers and also important historical anniversaries like the 200 Years from our Independence War during 2021 and the 100 Years from the Asia Minor Catastrophy this year.

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