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Out of class activities: Eat like a Greek

As we do every second week since ages, we invited our students to enjoy a Greek dinner under the sky (almost) with Acropolis in front of us.

On May 12, at 21:00, we dine together on Andrianou Street, at our favorite restaurant. We ate only “Greek Mezedes” served for all to take, starting with ouzo finishing with wine. All mezedes were appropriate for fasting and almost all good for vegans.

No main dish, finishing with fruits.

But the purpose of the invitation was not the food itself .It was speaking in Greek (as much as possible) about the food, the ingredients, the preparation, the drinking habits of Greeks and then about Greece and the world.

And as always we have not been able to conclude on anything though we left much later than midnight, except that it was so nice we have been together.

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