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Out of class activities: Dinner in a Fish restaurant – Ouzeri

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Last Thursday, like every second week of the month, we had had a traditional dinner with our students in a special restaurant, focused on fishes and seafood. Of course we tried other special dishes as well (not only with fish).  The idea is to EAT LIKE A GREEK, this means eating and drinking slowly, one plate at a time while discussing about everything and trying to solve all the problems of the world.

This is why we started at 21.00 in the evening and we finished at 01.00 in the morning only because the restaurant would close by that time. Of course it was a great opportunity to speak in Greek, Juan is at proficiency level, while Elena and other at a basic level. Our director and Kostas, one of our teachers were with the students.

The restaurant is what we called Ουζερί, which means a place that you can drink Ouzo (the famous Greek strong liquor).  What we have eaten and drunk?

We always start with simple non-cooked or boiled vegetables, drinking Ouzo.

Κολοκυθάκια βραστά (=boiled zucchini)

Χωριάτικη Σαλάτα (= Greek salad)

Χόρτα βραστά (=boiled greens)

Μελιτζανοσαλάτα (= eggplant salad)

Καυτερές πιπεριές (=spicy peppers)

We continue with white wine, though some students prefer to go on with Ouzo.

Αθερίνα τηγανιτή (=fried Smelt fishes)

Σαρδέλες ψητές (= grilled Sardines)

Καλαμάρι ψητό (=grilled Squid)

Χταπόδι με κοφτό μακαρονάκι (=Octapus with macaroni)

Καλαμαράκι Ριζότο με και μαύρες σταφίδες (= Squid Risotto with black raisings) 

Γαλέος με πουρέ σελινόριζας (= Tope fish with celeriac pouree)

We end with a traditional Greek sweet based on olive oil and flour with some cinnamon and almonds on the top accompanied by the very special Masticha liqueur.

Ραβανί (=Ravani)

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