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Two of our students from Turkey have married Greeks

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   Our favorite student, Isin, from Polis (Istanbul), has come to our school many times, but she also took Greek language lessons in Polis. On the other hand, she translated into Turkish our now classic Phrasebook that exists in more than 15 languages.

   Isin, during her last visit to Greece, announced that she has married a Greek and visited us with him, bringing us two boxes of very tasty Turkish delights from her homeland.

   On the other hand, in one of our afternoon classes we have a student, again from Polis, Basak, who is learning Greek, because she is married to a Greek and they live together in Athens.

It is not the first time, of course, that our students marry Greek men or women.

   We are happy that, by teaching our language, we contribute to the consolidation of their marriages.

P.S.  I use the name Polis (City) and not Istanbul or Constantinople , after a relevant “agreement”  I have made with Isin, so that we do not disagree all the time on how to name the enchanting City.

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