Odyssey 2018

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For a second year we support with all our forces the organization of events for THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS in Ithaca, 3225 years ago. Our last year’s participation included the administrative and financial support of the events, as well as the reciting of all rhapsodies of Odyssey by our staff, teachers and students in 13 languages. The relevant last year’s videos have been uploaded on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyT0COsXjuK4KlMufL__o7Q )

We remind you that THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS association was founded by our director Konstantinos Karkanias, who is also its president, and that its first members were our teachers and our associates.

This year we repeat the reciting in our new building at 25 Mavromataion street.  Apart from our staff,  teachers and students, any of our neighbors who wishes to participate, can do so.

You may visit our website for more information: www.thereturnofodysseus.gr . In our website you will also find the leaflet with last year’s events. For any information you may contact Mrs. Damianidou (2108217710) or contact her at [email protected] .

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