Presentation for greek food and diet

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Our students had the opportunity to participate in the presentation given by our Director K.Karkanias on the Greek diet and its positive effect on health and longevity. The presentation was based on the experience acquired by the British Hellenic College in organic farming issues, agrotourism and healthy nutrition due to its participation in many relevant European programs since 1992.Students who attended to the presentation interested in the topic of Greek food and diet. Indeed, Samantha our new student from the USA was excited with what she learned as she is  vegetarian.

The key points of the presentation was the real meaning of the Greek word “Diet”. This includes  not only  nutrition and physical exercise but also a general lifestyle. It also refers to the historical evolution of the relevant knowledge starting from the father of medicine and dietary Hippocrates (460 BC-377 BC).

Here are some excerpts from the translation of ‘arbitration’ by Hippocrates, which consists of four books.

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