News from our school in Thessaloniki

The students of our School in Thessaloniki, Anna from Germany, Luis from Spain and Elias from Switzerland together with their teacher, Christos, visited the library of Thessaloniki History Center last week. They had the opportunity to study the historical maps of the city, to see old photos and to learn about the long history of the area through the centuries! After their research, they went to a small cafe (kafeneio) to discuss and enjoy a greek coffee!

Άνω Πόλη - Κάστρα

Η αψίδα του Γαλερίου (Καμάρα

Μονή Βλατάδων



The students of our School in Thessaloniki together with their teachers had the opportunity to walk along the historical centre of the city! Their walk started from the Ottoman neighborhood and the Castle of the Upper City, the historical “Yendi Koule” and the special architecture of the houses. The next stop was the Byzantine neighborhood and the most historical byzantine church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vlatades Monastery. Last but not least was the Roman neighborhood with a special visit to Rotonta and the Arch of Galerius. The historical walk ended with a coffee across the White Tower. The entire history of Thessaloniki in an one-hour walk by foot!




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