Event in order to honor George Dolianitis

On 16.05.14 at 19.00 in the Cultural of Center of the Municipality of Athens an event in order to honor George Dolianitis, will take place, held by the Agency for the Promotion of the Greek Language (www.odeg.gr)

In this event, our Director K.Karkanias will speak , who has  been for many years the Chairman of O.D.E.G. and a very old friend of the honoree “G.Dolianitis. The topic of his speech is “G. Dolianitis a pioneer educator”

G.Dolianitis founded in 1964  the pioneering “Dolianitis Studies Center”, which operated until 1981 providing many educational programs of University level , in  Psychology, Literature, Journalism, Public Relations, Arab and African Studies, Greek Language and Culture for Foreigners.

After 1981 he founded the Library C. Dolianitis, the largest library in Greece. This Library contains  80,000 books and journals concerning the Greek language, expatriate Greeks and the Olympic Games.

Besides he organised  cultural activities and participated in many clubs for the Greek Language and culture, and  Cyprus.

Please find atatched the program of the event here http://www.odeg.gr/oi-ekdhlwseis-mas/428-timitili-ekdilosi-stpn-georgio-dolianiti-14-05-2016.htmle

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