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We continue our research on philhellenism

We had the pleasure last month to teach Greek to Harm from Holland. A good student, who speaks 13 languages, and also is  a philosopher and has his own website. (Http://

Harm helped us find information for one more philhellene, Edmond Willem van Dam van Isselt, from Breda,  in Holland,  who had been a general of his country’s army  and also a member of the parliament. Van Dam had written a poem titled “Missolonghi” after the Fall of Missolonghi on April 10 1826 (23 with the new Calendar). It is remarkable that the poem is dated on June 1, 1826 that is just 35 days after the event.The poem had been located  in Munich electronic library and we have started to work on its translation and trying to find more information about the author and his philhellenic interests.

It is true that a lot of our students are philhellenes and that generally they have a vivid interest about the greek history.266px-Dam_van_Isselt,_EW,_1796-1860

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