Easter in our School in Messolonghi or Chania


Wishing to give the opportunity to prospective students to combine greek language lessons with participation to the greek Orthodox Easter rituals, we decided to organize intensive greek language courses during the period of our Easter, from Friday April 22 up to Friday May 6, at our schools in Chania and Messolonghi.On top of the normal language lessons we will provide continuous information about the traditions of Holy Week, such as the transfer of Epitaph on Holy Friday or Service of the Resurrection on Holy Saturday, and finally we will invite students who want to celebrate Easter, with our teachers on Sunday, May 1 and have the opportunity to roast a lamb as we do with friends and families. This will prove an unforgettable experience for students.

It is to be noted that those who will go to Messolonghi will have the opportunity to participate in a very special event, the Panhellenik celebration of the Exodus of Messolonghi (April 10, 1826) which contributed in the success of the greek liberation revolution against the Turks (1821-1829)

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  1. angela dorea

    how much is it

    1. Alexander

      The fees are 710 euros and include also
      a.The Language teaching b.The educational material (book, grammar) c. Extracurricular activities (Presentations of the Greek history or culture, watching Greek films, visit to a museum, dinner to traditional tavern e. the participation in our celebration

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