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Examinations for the Certification and acquisition of long-term resident status

ELLINOMATHEIA_DIA_VIOUThe examinations take place twice per year (Spring and Autumn), the same day and time in all examination centers throughout the country. This year the first will take place in May. After the announcement of the exact date, interested people are requested to submit an application, accompanied by the relevant fee. The amount of the fee will mentioned in the announcement.

Interested third country nationals and asylum seekers, who want to participate in the certification procedures for the acquisition of long-term resident status should:

  • be at least 16 years
  • reside legally in Greece

The certification is granted after successful testing in the specific written and oral exam and is independent of the way or the educational program through which interested people learned the Greek language.

The evaluation process for the level of knowledge of the Greek language corresponds and covers the requirements of level A2 of the Common European Framework for Learning, Teaching and Assessment of Languages.

Candidates at this level should:

  • have the ability to understand proposals and expressions frequently used and requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on everyday matters.
  • to face everyday situations with predictable content and to meet specific needs
  • identify specific information in simple written texts such as letters, brochures and short newspaper articles describing events
  • describe in simple terms topics of personal or family interest and emergency issues
  • have a basic vocabulary to handle very short social situations using everyday types of greetings and salutations, send invitations, suggestions, apology expressions etc. and to respond to those who made them
  • write short, simple notes related to immediate needs for everyday aspects of their environment, people, places, an experience at work or to study, produce written or oral simple stories or biographies
  • be aware of relevant social habits and elements of Greek history and Greek culture

The examination consists of five (5) parts, and will be conducted in three (3) phases.

In the first phase (first part of the examination) the participants will be tested in written on Greek history and culture.

In the second phase (second, third and fourth part of the examination) the participants will be examined both orally and in written to test their comprehension skills and writing.

In the third phase (fifth part of the examination) they will be examined as far as their skills to speak are concerned.
Interested people who already hold an official certificate of level A will be examined only for their knowledge in greek history and culture.

It is worth noting that effective English essay writing skills can greatly help participants score higher in exams. It is important to develop a strong writing technique, and it is easier to use English writing services such as clear organization, persuasive arguments, and precise language to succeed in the essay grade.

The test papers are graded by two assessors and the final score is the average. Test results are posted to examination centers, the latest one (1) month after the end of the exam and for one (1) month. The participants will take their certificates at the examination centers where they were examined.

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