Students’ reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed my days in the school. I have been made to feel very welcome and have found to school to have a very friendly , empowering and  positive environment. Sofia has been extremely patient with me! I believe my knowledge of the Greek language has improved considerably and I would definitely recommend the school to Athens who might be considering learning Greek in Athens.

-Ash 27.07.2018

I enjoyed the time I spent at the school! The personnel was very helpful and welcoming and I really believe that my Greek has improved significantly. Thank you very much!

– Jessica 12.01.2018

The teachers were very good!

– Sabine και Klaus 11.01.2018

The dance lesson was very good!

– Walter 22.12.2017

Very friendly staff!

– May 06.12.2017

Thank you for the introduction to the rhythm of Greek songs!

– Hans-Joachim 17.11.2017

The program was excellent!

– Guillermo 10.11.2017

Absolutely perfect!

– Maria Joao 10.11.2017

The extracurricular activities have an educational value!

– Jan 10.11.2017

The teaching staff was very friendly and accommodating!

– Michael 03.11.2017


Very good teachers!

– Gabriele 03.11.2017

Everything was perfect!

– Gunter 27.10.2017

The listening was really good, keep them!

– Natalie 27.10.2017

The facilities are greatly improved! Excellent presentation of grammar and excellent explanation of connotations! Great tour of the Benaki and superb dinner! I appreciate the very helpful staff.

– Andy 13.10.2017


Excellent efforts, very helpful, maximum attention to learners’ needs & requests. bravo! Very happy, teleia! Wish you every luck in your new building!

– Petr 13.10.2017


The teachers are excellent!

– Ruth 13.10.2017


I really liked going out to the taverna!

– Carina 13.10.2017


We recently moved to a new building, so everything was good!

– Stefan 13.10.2017

The program was in general satisfactory!

– Lars 20.10.2017

Nice new building!

– Neil 13.10.2017


The educational material was great, no complains!

– Torsten 06.10.2017

I thank Effie for her suggestions and help and Penelope for her teaching!

– Myriam 15.09.2017

Thanks very much!

– Sebastian 15.09.2017

Everything was great!

– Muguette 12.09.2017


I enjoyed my time here!

– Maggie 13.09.2017


Everything was perfect. I had a great time here. The course was really helpful and effective!

– Can 01.09.2017

I liked that we went out for dinner all together!

– Anna 25.08.2017

I thank everybody!

– Anna 18.08.2017

The apartment that the school booked for me was very satisfactory!

– Isabel 28.07.2017

Thank you for having Anna + Me as your students!

– Franziska + Anna 11.08.2017


Everything was perfect! 10/10 !

– Jacqueline 11.08.2017


Sophia’s excitement and energy is amazing!

– Anastasia 21.07.2017

Very welcoming, friendly and accommodating staff! I loved my week of study here!

– Derek 21.07.2017

The teachers were excellent!

– Franz 21.07.2017

Everything was excellent! 10/10 !

– Marco 14.07.2017


I enjoyed everything! I am very satisfied! Thank you everybody!!

– Magali 11.07.2017

Everything was perfect! Teachers are very professional & I will recommend the school to my students!

– Martin 16.06.2017

I was very satisfied with the time devoted to the oral practice!

– Jacques 26.05.2017

I was 100% satisfied with everything!

– Fernando 26.05.2017

Mr. Karkanias I would like to thank you and all of your colleagues, especially Effie, Penelope and Eva for your efforts to teach us Greek. We really appreciated your efforts!

– Zuhal, Zeynep and Harika 17.05.2017

The lesson with Helen was perfect!
– Stefanie 12.05.2017
The educational material was satisfying for my level!
– Concepcion 12.05.2017
The teachers were very friendly!
– Irene 12.05.2017
The programme was very satisfying!
– Yana 12.05.2017
This course was a great investment!
– Sarah-Maria 12.05.2017
The teachers were perfect!!!
– Blago 12.05.2017
The welcoming on the first day was wonderful!
– Nadine 05.05.2017
I spent three wonderful months at the school!
– Diana 24.03.2017
The teachers were very good!
– Andreas 17.03.2017
I liked very much the school! The lessons helped me a lot and my understanding of Greek has improved very much!!
– Isabelle 17.03.2017
I liked it very much! It was above my expectations!
– Carolina 03.03.2017
The teachers were perfect!
– Natividad 24.02.2017
We learnt a lot of Grammar, which is helpful!
– Juan 17.02.2017
Thank you very much!
– Emmanuelle 17.02.2017
It was very nice! Helen was a very good teacher! She explains everything, she is friendly and serious with the teaching! Thank you very much!
– Reto 03.02.2017
It was perfect! We should go twice per week at the tavern!!!
– Tulum 03.02.2017
The time we spent on speaking helped me a lot to speak like a Greek!
– Tas 27.01.2017
Everything was perfect!
– Nicholas 27.01.2017
Thank you very much!
– Theona 27.01.2017
Everything was wonderful! Especially the dinner at the tavern!
– Alexandros 30.12.2016
I was satisfied with everything! The entire programme was very good!
– Hans 16.12.2016
I had very good lessons with Penelope as teacher! They helped me, especially in improving the speaking and listening, which I wanted primarily. Thanks to her.
– Andreas 2.12.2016
Each of you are on my list of people I am grateful that I have met, and spent time with on our mutual journies to better learn and share the Greek language.  You have each enriched my life, and I am grateful for the experience.
– Barbara 25.11.2016
 The teachers could not be any better! I am very satisfied!
  – Zaki 25.11.2016
The overall program was very satisfying
– Janos 5.11.2016
 The school facilities are wonderful!
– Ben 27.10.2016
The extracurricular activities were very satisfactory!
– Jacqueline 14.10.2016
I will certainly try to come back!
– Eva-Maria 30.09.2016
Thank you for everything!
–  Isin 16.09.2016
 Very good teachers and very useful the oral practice for practical  solutions!
 – Marc 26.08.2016
Thank you for everything!
– Andrea 26.08.2016
Perfect teachers and wonderful teaching method!
– Vladyslav 19.08.2016
I am very happy! Too bad I’m leaving.
– Francisca 13.08.2016