Students’ reviews

I had very good lessons with Penelope as teacher! They helped me, especially in improving the speaking and listening, which I wanted primarily. Thanks to her.
– Andreas 2.12.2016
Each of you are on my list of people I am grateful that I have met, and spent time with on our mutual journies to better learn and share the Greek language.  You have each enriched my life, and I am grateful for the experience.
– Barbara 25.11.2016
 The teachers could not be any better! I am very satisfied!
  – Zaki 25.11.2016
The overall program was very satisfying
– Janos 5.11.2016
 The school facilities are wonderful!
– Ben 27.10.2016
The extracurricular activities were very satisfactory!
– Jacqueline 14.10.2016
I will certainly try to come back!
– Eva-Maria 30.09.2016
Thank you for everything!
–  Isin 16.09.2016
 Very good teachers and very useful the oral practice for practical  solutions!
 – Marc 26.08.2016
Thank you for everything!
– Andrea 26.08.2016
Perfect teachers and wonderful teaching method!
– Vladyslav 19.08.2016
I am very happy! Too bad I’m leaving.
– Francisca 13.08.2016