Ancient Greek Summercamp in Attica

Understanding Ancient Greek is a great way to discover Greek and European civilization and culture!

Our language camps are a great opportunity for 12 to 17-year-olds to learn or improve Greek, also meet new people from Greece and other countries and explore Greece!

Lessons are combined with an immersion in the atmosphere of ancient Greece , Athens, Acropolis, Marathon, Sounion, Delphi, Mycenae.

Duration:  Three options

  • A 3 weeks intensive course in Greece. A total of 45 teaching hours. Starting dates June 19 & July 10
  • A 6 weeks intensive course in Greece.  A total of 90 teaching hours. Starting date June 19.


The Camp: The camp is at 40 km distance from Athens. The facilities are modern, harmonized with European Union regulations. Students will be accommodated in two-bed hotel-like rooms.

The tutors: All our teachers are classical philologues with an MA or a PhD, professionally fluent in English and with adequate experience.

Tuition: Classes will be offered for 3 hours per day. Students will have to do moderate homework in the afternoon.

Excursions: The programme includes five excursions to places with archaeological interest in Athens and Attica, Delphi, Mycenae.

Cultural activities (in addition to the lessons)

  • Greek poetry readings
  • Homeric epics study
  • Active participation in ancient drama performance
  • Classical (Olympic) games


Other optional activities at the camp

  • Sports activities (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sports)
  • Art and leisure activities (painting, craftwork, chess)

For more information please mail to  or call +30 210 8217 710.